About Us

Bakery Box preparing, baking, packaging, pricing, and merchandising cakes, pies, rolls, muffins, biscuits and the main product - bakery jar mix.

We use only products, specially selected for us from small farms and growers.

We choose to use the oldest wheat - spelt.

We made our goods with our hands - no machines on preparations.

Our mission is to bring a homie feeling and coziness to everyone, specially to those who don’t have cook or bake talents. We save your private time for real important things - for you, your family and friends. But when we do this - we made it with thought about your health.

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Gift Set

Special gift set for X & Y. Very practice
and yummy gift for any occasions.


Cakes, sweets and crackers made with
eco products and spelt flour.

Cookies in jar

Cookie mixture in a jar. Ready to use
in just a few easy steps.